Hyundai Card M Point Mall

Hyundai Card M Point Mall
Hyundai Card is one of the most innovative credit card companies in Korea and is shifting the paradigm of finance with creative ideas. Established in 2001, Hyundai Card has rapidly raised its brand awareness by bringing to market 'alphabet cards' led by 'Hyundai Card M' in 2003 which was tailored to the customers' lifestyle.

Hyundai Card introduced 'Save M Points' for the first time, which is designed to give discounts first then have the customers payback the reward points by using Hyundai Card afterwards, and created a market sensation. It has also led the market trend by successfully launching M point mall, which is the e-commerce for Hyundai Card cardholders who can buy merchandise by spending their M points. Its curation is manifested in its smart lifestyle, creative thoughts and sense of wit.

Hyundai Card M Point Mall

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